Windows 7

Windows 7 is now available. Windows 7 is faster, easier to use, better looking and more reliable than Windows Vista. You've probably heard some negative things about Windows Vista that may or may not be true. Windows 7 aimed to correct all of the problems that Vista suffered. It really is leaps and bounds above Vista in terms speed, reliability, and compatibility with your old programs and hardware.

BitWise can help you migrate from Windows XP or Vista to the new Windows 7. As with all operating system upgrades, we recommend a very thorough procedure:

  • Backup your PC fully
  • Re-format your hard drive
  • Install Windows 7
  • Re-install your programs
  • Restore your documents, photos, music, etc

This is opposed to a regular upgrade process which simply upgrades the windows files on your existing PC. This shortcut method, although supported by Microsoft, often causes proglems with programs and results in a slower performing computer because so many old files are carried into the new system. A 'proper' upgrade, as we call it, ensures that you are getting a fresh start resulting in the best performance and reliability.