Windows Tune-Up

Does your PC seem slower than when you bought it? Does it take forever for your programs to open? Do you have to close programs down just so a new one can start? If your PC is only a a few years old and has any of these symptoms, you probably need a 'tune-up'. BitWise offers a flat rate service to bring your PC back up to speed. The Windows Tune-up includes the following:

  • Virus & spyware scan *
  • Temporary file cleanup
  • Registry clean up
  • Hard drive defragmentation
  • Windows services & programs audit **
  • Adjust Windows settings for best performance
  • Reduce non-essential start-up programs
  • Several other steps to free resources and increase performance.

Schedule and Appointment today Windows Tune Up ($125)

50% off for first time customers! ($62)

Not all PC's need this service, and not all will benefit from it, therefore performance increase is not guaranteed. However, if we're not satisfied with the result, you don't pay.

* Repair due to damage caused by viruses not included.

** Windows often has many unnecessary programs running in the background that take up memory and cpu time and can slow your computer down. These programs can be safely shut down, but still allowed to run only when they are needed.